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25th February 2013

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I just found my name.

My name.

I’ve always been alright with Beka, but I felt it didn’t encompass all of me. And when people have found out lately about me identifying as male they ask if I want to be called anything else, but no name has ever felt right.

But I just found it and now all I can do is stare blankly at my computer because I’m simultaneously so happy and have no idea where to go from here because I still am so new at this being open about myself thing.

But yea. I’m just gonna metaphorically curl up around my new name and pet it affectionately and hiss at anyone who tries to touch it.

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  1. queenofthesmileys said: :D When you feel ready please share so I can call you by your preferred name!
  2. darkenmydoor said: Congrats on finding your name!
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